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​Menu of Services

​*Daily Dog Walks*

Want to break up the monotony of the day and allow your best friend to get some exercise?

Walks/Playtime in the yard   $17/visit  20 minutes for Weekdays. 

*Weekends are $20/visit 20 minutes
 *There will be an additional charge for multiple dogs.
*Check Ins*

Does your dog like to be in the comfort of their own home? Does your dog not really enjoy the company of other dogs? If so we have the solution for you! Our check-in service is perfect for this situation.
​We offer check-ins (up to 4) when you are away. 
The first three visits of the day will consist of walks, play time, and meals. 
20 minutes $17/visit
The fourth visit will consist of a last call potty break and tucking in for the night. 
10 minutes $14/visit
Our rates include picking up mail, watering plants (within reason), and ​turning on/off lights in order to make your home look lived in while you are away.

*Potty Breaks*

Work long hours? We are here to help! Whether you have a new puppy or older dog we offer potty breaks.
10 minutes

*Cat Care*

Have a kitty thats a little shy and  just needs Feeding, Fresh Water, and Litter Box Cleaning.


10 minutes

Have a kitty thats outgoing, and loves to play? You'll get all of the above plus some extra love and attention.


20 minutes

*Farm Animal Care*

Please contact me to discuss your needs and the size of your farm.


We will occasionally board dogs in our homes. See Below for requirements.
Our rate is $45 per calendar day.
We do not offer  1/2 DAYS
Last minute bookings will be charged $50/day.
*Requirements for Boarding Dogs in our Homes:

Boarding Dogs in our homes require proof of up to date vaccinations to include DHLPP or current Distemper Titer, Rabies, Negative stool sample, Flea preventative with no fleas, Non aggressive toward people or other animals, submissive and not an Alpha dog that dominates. Dogs should be socialized with other dogs, and of course humans. Our homes are very calm and inviting. We have a clean & loving home with clean dog beds throughout our homes, fresh water, a large secure yard for dogs to play in, and treats if allowed. Dog food will be the owner’s responsibility. We will conduct a Meet and Greet at our homes to see if your dog would be a good fit for our dogs. Proof of the above is required prior to boarding.

Service Contract Click Here!​​

We charge an additional $5.00 for the following holidays:  
​Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve and New Year's Day